Improving the profitability of our customers across the mining, civil, bark and mulch industries.


Block Mounted | Fixed

  • For permanent locations with a site office
  • Mains (line) power configuration for ‘always on’ system


Block Mounted | Portable

  • For long term jobs or fixed locations
  • Common applications include quarries, sand-pits, bark and mulch yards


Trailer Mounted | Mobile

  • For short term jobs or use across multiple locations
  • Common applications include construction sites, remote quarries, for hire
  • Can be powered by main power, generator or solar


Custom Mounted

  • Utilizes a universal mounting bracket
  • Common applications include entry/exit to underground mine portals or tunnels, and above large dumpers

LoadTrak in-cab consoles

  • In-cab touch screen consoles for mining and quarry applications
  • Allows you to upload additional load information directly from the cab

MyScanner cloud service

  • Subscribe annually to your own secure web portal
  • Allows you to access your scanner and data remotely
  • Includes 24/7 support and routine software updates